At the End of the Martial Arts Path!

The Secret of the Real Martial Arts

All right,
a beautiful day for secrets.
Of course, that means you might have to think.
NO! comes the scream.
Too bad, so sad.
But if you want to learn the real martial arts you will have to think.
And specifically,
you will have to think about what I am about to tell you.

What is the purpose of the martial arts?
Why, it’s to beat people up!
And it is.
On a certain level.

But what is really at the end of the martial arts path?
What do you get if you are studying a true martial art and persist?
To love and trust your fellow man.

What FN planet did this bozo study his fake ass martial arts on?
Let me explain.

A beginner puts out blocks,
ridges of energy,
and this pushes the opponent away, or back, or whatever.
It stops his opponent,
but it also stops his own ability to perceive.
Necessary in the beginning, maybe,
but not the end,
it’s the beginning of the real martial arts.

You go through the procedure of learning
how to put out a ridge of energy
so you can NOT put out a ridge of energy.
A ridge of energy will stop you from perceiving
the thought of the opponent.
You want to know what the opponent is thinking,
You want to know when he is thinking.
If you stop his thought from coming through,
then you can’t see the technique the opponent is planning,
and then you can’t do the right thing.
You’ve been reduced to simple blocking
which may or may not be the right thing.
You’re back to being a white belt.

So how do you stop yourself
from stopping the thought of the opponent?
You accept the opponent.
You don’t think of him as bad or good,
you don’t judge him,
you don’t stop him.

If he wants to hit you,
accept that.
Trust him to punch you.
and here’s the crux of the matter:
like him.
That is the really real secret of real martial arts.
That is what awaits you if you study a real martial art.

You don’t make the other fellow wrong,
even if he is offering you a knife for your heart.
You don’t get upset if he wants to do bad things to your family.
You like him,
you appreciate him for the opportunity he has offered you.
You accept him as a seriously misguided individual
and do what you have to…while liking him.

If you refuse to like somebody,
even if you are right that he is evil,
then you will not see his true potential,
you will not read his body actions,
you will not see his thoughts
and you will have stopped yourself
from effectively handling him.

The only solution is to trust everybody.
Even Hitler.
Don’t trust him to treat you fairly,
trust him to be what he is.

I hope you understand,
but if you don’t,
don’t worry.
You will if your art is true and you persist.

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