Martial Arts Master Instructor!

Here’s a New Master Instructor Win!

Congratulations to Amerus Guffey!

Here’s his win…

This is Amerus Guffey, I’m here to speak on the course I took and what I got from it. First off I want to start by saying how amazing that was. Most Dojos and gyms I’ve been too ALWAYS sugar coat it. They teach [how] to move and can only explain so much, or they will teach all the moves but can’t explain anything about why or when to use the technique.

I’ve spent 18 years doing daily meditation and training in all types of arts and with energy I even have my Master Certificate for Universal Reiki healing. So I 100% agree and know for a fact about everything [about] breathing that you spoke on and the importance of it. What I found to be intriguing to me is that a lot of the things you spoke on and explained I already do without having being taught. Day in and day out I think martial arts, how to improve and learn about the human body and the mechanics…and naturally things clicked in my mind of what to do how to do it and how it would work.

The two portions of this course that I truly enjoyed was was [the section on teaching] …and it’s really cool to see someone else understand me in a way, that’s how it feels. Seeing you do and explain was not only a Honor but it also made me see that I’m not the only one who actually lives this life style. Most gyms and dojos [where I live] run only 2 days a week for 1 hour a day. And what they teach isn’t truth they just want the money.

The 2nd part I loved was ‘The 6 Tools.’ The 6 tools are not only what I do but you gave me another way to break it down and understand it, to be able to explain to my students. Even tho I know what I’m doing and what’s happening with the body I can’t put it into words like you did in this portion. And for the price!! You can’t beat it. ~ Amerus Guffey

Well done Amerus

and congratulations.

Amerus was badly overlooked in his training,

in spite of the fact of being accomplished and dedicated in his training,

it seemed that promotions were refused him.

I don’t promote much anymore,

but I do recognize Master Instructors.

It was an honor to recognize him.

And what is a master instructor?

A black belt is expected,

at the time of his testing,

to be in top notch physical shape.

And karate training is often a boot camp of physicality,

But an instructor is not judged on his physical shape,

he is judged on his knowledge.

Here’s the cruel fact.

Schools that make instructors do not have tests 

that make the instructor demonstrate his knowledge.

Or if they do have tests, 

they are questions on things like history or lineage

and don’t deal with the exact physics

that make the martial arts work.

They rely on time,

or politics,

to make an instructor,

let alone a Master Instructor.

The master instructor course is a precise book,

illustrated by video,

of the EXACT knowledge necessary to be a master instructor.

When I ask for people to tell me what they gained from the course

I am simply making sure they read it and understand it.

I’ve only had a couple of people,

out of thousands,

who claim they knew this knowledge before the course,

and even then they were grateful.

I have a gift as a writer,

and as Amerus said,

I can’t put it into words like you did


I don’t charge for the certificate.

You buy the course and send in the win,

there are no extra charges.

I just appreciate the fact that there is one more person in the world 

who actually understands what he/she is doing.


thanks Amerus,

you did well.

And link is here…

The Master Instructor Course

Have a great work out!


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