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Martial Arts Master Instructor!

Here’s a New Master Instructor Win!

Congratulations to Amerus Guffey!

Here’s his win…

This is Amerus Guffey, I’m here to speak on the course I took and what I got from it. First off I want to start by saying how amazing that was. Most Dojos and gyms I’ve been too ALWAYS sugar coat it. They teach [how] to move and can only explain so much, or they will teach all the moves but can’t explain anything about why or when to use the technique.

I’ve spent 18 years doing daily meditation and training in all types of arts and with energy I even have my Master Certificate for Universal Reiki healing. So I 100% agree and know for a fact about everything [about] breathing that you spoke on and the importance of it. What I found to be intriguing to me is that a lot of the things you spoke on and explained I already do without having being taught. Day in and day out I think martial arts, how to improve and learn about the human body and the mechanics…and naturally things clicked in my mind of what to do how to do it and how it would work.

The two portions of this course that I truly enjoyed was was [the section on teaching] …and it’s really cool to see someone else understand me in a way, that’s how it feels. Seeing you do and explain was not only a Honor but it also made me see that I’m not the only one who actually lives this life style. Most gyms and dojos [where I live] run only 2 days a week for 1 hour a day. And what they teach isn’t truth they just want the money.

The 2nd part I loved was ‘The 6 Tools.’ The 6 tools are not only what I do but you gave me another way to break it down and understand it, to be able to explain to my students. Even tho I know what I’m doing and what’s happening with the body I can’t put it into words like you did in this portion. And for the price!! You can’t beat it. ~ Amerus Guffey

Well done Amerus

and congratulations.

Amerus was badly overlooked in his training,

in spite of the fact of being accomplished and dedicated in his training,

it seemed that promotions were refused him.

I don’t promote much anymore,

but I do recognize Master Instructors.

It was an honor to recognize him.

And what is a master instructor?

A black belt is expected,

at the time of his testing,

to be in top notch physical shape.

And karate training is often a boot camp of physicality,

But an instructor is not judged on his physical shape,

he is judged on his knowledge.

Here’s the cruel fact.

Schools that make instructors do not have tests 

that make the instructor demonstrate his knowledge.

Or if they do have tests, 

they are questions on things like history or lineage

and don’t deal with the exact physics

that make the martial arts work.

They rely on time,

or politics,

to make an instructor,

let alone a Master Instructor.

The master instructor course is a precise book,

illustrated by video,

of the EXACT knowledge necessary to be a master instructor.

When I ask for people to tell me what they gained from the course

I am simply making sure they read it and understand it.

I’ve only had a couple of people,

out of thousands,

who claim they knew this knowledge before the course,

and even then they were grateful.

I have a gift as a writer,

and as Amerus said,

I can’t put it into words like you did


I don’t charge for the certificate.

You buy the course and send in the win,

there are no extra charges.

I just appreciate the fact that there is one more person in the world 

who actually understands what he/she is doing.


thanks Amerus,

you did well.

And link is here…

The Master Instructor Course

Have a great work out!


Don’t forget to check out the interview


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A New Martial Arts Master Instructor Testimonial!

Newsletter 953

A New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

Super congrats to new Master Instructor
Maj (ret) Paul von Hacker

Here is Paul’s win…

Master Case,
Let me begin by saying I had high expectations and your course exceeded them. You are the most articulate and scientific instructor I’ve ever had and I find that to be exceptionally effective when learning. I’ve studied a number of systems in 25 years and found differing aspects of each that I’ve incorporated into my personal skill set. From a striking perspective I tend to enjoy karate and boxing. Footwork tends to be boxing and pa qua oriented. My ground experience has been almost exclusively Jiu jitsu. The only weapon I’ve ever really studied was dear horned knives and then knives.

From my perspective your master instructor course is a must have. I’ve taught numerous classes in non-martial arts settings. As an Air Force officer it was just part of the job. I am very analytical with regards to instruction so your method truly broke each area down into very concise sub areas that I felt were masterfully pieced together.

(Paul has described the course in detail here, so we move to his conclusion…)

Conclusion: Sir, I have met many skilled practitioners in martial arts. I have worked with men and women whose skill and technique were inspiring but I have never met anyone who put it all together. I was speaking to a 3rd Dan Judo BB in the local area. He runs a school and I have gone over from time to time on sparring night. He has an open mat sparring session to enable his students to spar with other students from various disciplines. I began explaining your matrixed concepts to him and he was a bit cautious. So I explained it this way. If one wanted a degree in computer science one would have to accumulate 120 credits towards the degree, roughly 70% of that is not related to the degree. If one could instead take the 50 credits toward the degree it would take roughly 3 semesters. It is a simplified way to explain it but one I explained it that way he understood. Then we sparred and had a good time and the entire time I was watching, in-between bouts, I found myself using the corrections and the tools and the amazing things is I am not very educated in Judo. The fact that I could ID areas of poor grounding, misalignment, and bad CBM speaks to the simplicity and complexity of the material covered.
On your website you mentioned pricing being low so numerous people could benefit, that is laudable but I recommend you increase your pricing. The work you’ve accumulated it the totality of your life endeavor. Imagine it this may, during WW II the greatest minds on the planet struggled to unlock the atom. In 2019, any student can crack open a book and read the equations used, theories proved, and any semi-educated person could go back in time and explain the concepts easily and concisely to Einstein and his team. You’ve unlocked the atom! You’ve taken this light years from where it was, steam engine and propeller air plane to atom splitting attack sub and to top it all off you’ve articulate enough to explain it in the most concise manner I’ve ever seen.
Maj Paul von Hacker III, USAF, Ret

congrats and well done Master Instructor Hacker,
and thank you.

to everybody,
this is a world which has been educated out of common sense.
it has become bound by myths and lies.
People make up reasons when they don’t understand the real reasons.
For these reasons the martial arts suffer,
and people circle on the rim
and never experience the real martial arts.
The real martial arts are simple,
and the Master Instructor course is the key that unlocks them.

congrats to Paul,
Have a great work out!


1a Matrix Karate

Here’s a Christmas win…


Merry Christmas my friend. I love what you do, and you’ve changed the way I approach the arts that I love. 2018 marks my 40th year as a martial artist, and I believe that what you do is so important to us true believers. Please remember that innovation is always going to be violently resisted initially. What you do is absolutely logical, and it’s impossible for any sane man to argue with logic. Press on with pride brother. You ARE making history and a legacy. Best wishes and thanks.
– Sean

“There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone”

First Professional Martial Arts Instructor in History!

Newsletter 884

First Professional Martial Arts Instructor!

Congrats to Professional Martial Arts Instructor…
Lonnie Muhammad!

Lonnie managed to ace the test with a 94.7% score.
well done!

Lonnie is an old matrixing student,
He was one of the first fellows to get on board,
when MonsterMartialArts.com got started some ten years ago.
I remember him well because
he was teaching self defense to security personnel.
He was using Matrix Aikido and Monkey Boxing techniques
way back then.

Here is his win from way back then…

Mr. Case;
I wanted to let you know that the courses did arrive just before Xmas.  Needless to say, I haven’t been able to spend enough time yet with them.  You know something:  just 5 minutes into the Aikido dvd (which I threw in right away to make sure the dvds were working), I felt as if I had been hit with 2 YEARS of training in the aiki/jujutsu arts.
I conducted a Matrix Aikido training class for a Security Team at a local manufacturing plant. I tailored the training according to their Use Of Force policy. As you know they need control and takedown skills. I knew Matrix Aikido would be the answer. The training plan you shared was boss. The class went so smoothly. The participants learned very quickly. By the end of the class you could see techniques of Monkey Boxing coming through. They were also able to create their own techniques. There was one female officer in the class who asked to become my private student. She was throwing, locking and taking down guys twice her size. The Security Supervisor wants me to come back and with more participants! I’ll keep you posted.

incredibly well done, Lonnie.
Thank you.

for all you guys and gals reading this,
and thinking about teaching martial arts,
being a Professional Martial Arts Instructor
will give you a considerable edge
when teaching martial arts.
You can walk into any company,
any health club,
and you have the certificates to back up your knowledge.
Your knowledge has been proven by actual test.

if you have ordered
The Professional Martial Arts Instructor book
you can take the test for free.
it’s part of the deal when you buy the book.
You just have to email me at aganzul@gmail.com
and ask to take the test.

To let you know,
I am still putting the test into digital format,
so I still have to email you the test,
you take it and email it back,
and I then grade it.

If you don’t pass,
you’ll have your mistakes,
you can study and take the test again.
No problem.

This isn’t me scamming for money
by charging huge amounts of money
to take and retake tests
and all that.
This is me validating people who are serious about the martial arts,
in a way that will benefit them
career wise,
or just in the area of achieved knowledge.
People who know what the martial arts are all about
who know the real reasons behind the martial arts,
are MUCH better martial artists.
They shine.
write me if you have read the book and are ready.

get the book and get the real knowledge,
and get ready to take the PMAT test.

if you have any doubts,
you can go here and take a sample of the test…


I’l tell you right now,
you probably won’t score too well,
most people don’t,
but that’s the point of it all,
to find out what you don’t know,
and get you to know it.

I tell you this…
knowledge is the most precious commodity in the universe.
the martial arts have been taught
monkey see monkey do
for so long,
that the knowledge is confuzzled,
bemused and idiocratic.

So hit that link,
find out if you know anything,
and get started on the path of VERIFIED knowledge.

No more fakers who talk a good game,
a fellow with a PMAT certificate is PROVEN!
He is one smart cookie,
and that’s the truth.
Lonnie will attest to that!

Have a great work out!




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The Problem with Martial Arts Teachers

Martial Arts Teachers Problems…

martial arts teacher


This article, the problem with Martial Arts Teachers, is not meant to be an attack, rather an enlightenment. Consider the points I make, then consider yourself as an instructor, see if you are a True Martial Arts Teachers, or…something else. Continue reading