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Beating Up a Crowd of People!

Karate and Aikido Used to Suppress a Mob!

Have you ever wondered what you would do
if you were caught, or targeted, by a mob?
This is actually not an inconceivable situation
considering the antics of such as BLM or Antifa,
In 2020 these groups caused:
$2 billion in damages
rioted in 140 cities
caused the injury of 2000 cops
resulted in the deaths of 25 Americans.

There weren’t any congressional hearings on this
nor any real reporting from the media,
but these are the figures
as far as I have been able to figure.

And it is a distinct possibility
that such riots could happen again.

the question…
what would you do if you were caught up in,
and especially targeted by
a mob of crazy people?

I took Aikido in the early seventies,
and I was fascinated by the videos
of people doing multiman combat.
I also had many situations during karate classes
where we would fight multiple attackers.
Eventually, basing the material on Aikido
and on certain karate concepts,
I filmed the ‘Matrix Aikido’ course.

This is a great course,
as it is based on concept
and not memorizing endless techniques.
One day I was visiting one of my student’s classes.
There were about 20 young men (age 18-25) in the class.
I was asked many questions,
and the subject of fighting large numbers of people
was brought up,
and the students’ challenged some of my assertions.

‘Okay,’ I said.
‘let’s see if I can make my theories work.’
I always remember the surprise on their faces,
they asked me how many of the students
should attempt to lay hands on me
I said, ‘Everybody.’
Man, they were blinking,
then they looked at each other and grinned,
and the melee was on.

It was some ten minutes
before anybody laid a hand on me,
and I will tell you EXACTLY what I did.
Mind you,
I was theorizing and training in pure concepts at the time.

there are three directions
that a punch will take
generally speaking,
and this tended to hold true
for my situation.

the punch might hit you.
if you move back,
it will pass in front of you.
if you move forward,
it will pass behind you.

There were a few kicks,
but I just used the same theory,
but adapted it for kicks.

I then attacked.
you heard me right,
I went forward,
into the mass of twenty men.

They were trying to create enough room
so they could punch (kick) me.
This moved them away from each other
just enough so I could slip between.

I wouldn’t always recommend a charge,
but we were in a big park
and I had plenty of room to maneuver.

As they turned to chase me
they were now in each other’s way.
As I recall,
Aikido holds that three people
is the worst scenario for people attacking you
because they have enough room.
More than three and they get in each other’s way.

Now I had only two concepts in mind.
I moved in and grabbed their bodies and ‘danced’ with them
and flung them away.
I slowed down as the punch came in
pushed their punch across their body
then they were tangled and I pushed them away.
And I kept throwing them in front of each other

At all times I went forward.
This gave me the initiative.
I never went backwards.
Everybody chased me
and was constantly having to step around bodies.
It was one of the easiest fights I had ever had.

the only other thing of interest in this
is that when I started I noticed one person looking at me.
I knew he was going to be the one to get me.
I made it my strategy to always avoid him.
But at the end,
he got close and tagged me in the back with a punch.

what I did was that simple.
It was not complex.
If I had tried complex maneuvers
they would have got me in the beginning.
Though, as I progressed
and figured things out,
I did mix in specific techniques,
appropriate to the ‘punch in front or punch in back’
that I was conceptualizing.

I knew what I was doing
would hold true for clubs and such.
It might even hold true for firearms,
but there would be considerable limits
on what I could do in that situation.

Which brings us to the Antifa/BLM riots.
Buildings burning,
people with guns
Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle wasn’t trained in the martial arts,
he was only trying to get away,
and only the fact that he had a gun
enabled him to do so.

If he tried to get away and hadn’t had a gun
he likely would have been killed,
at least severely maimed.

If he hadn’t had a gun,
of course,
he might not even have been attacked.
But that is a probability I wouldn’t bet on.

imagine yourself in that situation.
Do you understand the concepts I outlined,
always attacking,
stepping in front of or behind the strike,
how to adapt it to kicks
or to weapons like clubs or even swords.

What is most interesting is seeing how many techniques
you can come up with from the
‘punch in front, punch behind’ concept.
This will define an entire martial art.
It will be logical,
and you should avoid poser techniques.

if you find fault with my method,
or think it won’t work,
what can you come up with?

have fun with this.
And thanks to Kumar for asking.

Here is the link to Matrix Aikido
where I give a seminar and show
the actual conceptualizing of Aikido.

1c Matrix Aikido

Have a great work out!


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