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Using the Mind in the Martial Arts!

Martial Arts Mental Abilities!

A Funomenal day for a work out!
And I ain’t kiddin’!

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Okay, secrets of the universe time…

To understand what I’m saying
you’re going to have to realize that the mind
is just a bunch of memory.
You don’t use it.
It’s just a data base that,
you just draw data from.

So what are you using?

There is the body
which is meat.

There is the mind,
which is memory.

Then there is you,
which is spirit.

Most people confuse mind with spirit.

Most people think the martial arts are about beating people up.

If you study a good martial art,
you‘ll be past that in a few months,
maybe a year,
two at the most.

The first step is to learn how to stare at something
without being distracted.
I love a good candle.
But other things will work.
I don’t recommend objects like diamonds
or other such shapes.

You use this is in freestyle,
focusing on the opponent so that there is only him,
and you ignore distractions.

It took me a couple of decades,
but I ended up looking at an opponent
as if through a tunnel,
and I could then predict
what he was going to do.

it shouldn’t have taken so long,
but there were no instructions
and I had to figure this out for myself.

What is happening is that you are
unconfusing the blend of mind and spirit
and viewing the opponent without the distraction
of the body or the mind.

YOU are looking at the opponent,
and you are not confused by having to look
through the meat mechanism of the eyeballs.

That is one way to use the mind in the martial arts.

The second way is different,
and there’s no way to train for it,
except through a rounded and intense
practice of the martial arts.

You are walking down the street
you suddenly step to the side,
don’t know why,
just do,
and the attack misses.
sixth sense,

Here is the weird thing,
you don’t get this unless you have
no concerns, no stress, no bothers.
If you are stressed
you don’t have this ability.
If you are not stressed,
just bopping through the world
happy as a clam,
it works every time.

I started having this ability
after I got my black belt.
Three and a half years in the Kang Duk Won.

When I did start doing this
I redoubled all my efforts
at living a stress free life.

I’ve lived in dangerous areas,
done dangerous things,
and I always made it through
by being happy,
greeting everybody cheerfully,
and staying away from a-holes.

But it all starts with dedicated practice,
intense practice of the arts.
And you MUST have a good art,
and your progress will be ten times faster
if you understand matrixing
and apply it to your martial arts.

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Have a great work out!

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