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Killer Self Defense Tips for the Ladies!

Five Self Defense Tips for the Ladies!

Rape seems to be a rising statistic, so I thought I’d run out a few tidbits of self defense advice for the more valuable members of our society…the ladies.

Before we get started, let me say that you should always trust your intuition. Ladies seem to have better intuition than men, so why not trust it? Especially if it could save your life!

self defense tips

high side kick

Self Defense tip one: if you have a guy feeling when you return home, call neighbor. Don’t push your intuition aside, trust it, and when that darkened house seems…odd, call the big guy who lives next door to check it out for you. And here’s an extra…don’t go in with him, let him do his work and stay out of the way. Stay at the door and be prepared to run or scream if a ruckus starts.

What, you don’t want to bother a neighbor or seem weak?

Silly you. Men were built to thump on their chests and do valiant deeds for fair damsels. You actually make us feel good when you ask us to do our job as your protectors!

Self Defense tip two: Travel in crowds. One women is a victim. Two are not. It is that simple. So when you go to the theater, or to the garage to get your car, have company. And, if anything happens, make sure you scream loudly.

Remember, one of the first things an attacker is going to do is try to get you to shut up. That’s because he doesn’t want anybody to hear what is going on. And that means that if you scream loudly enough you might be able to attract what he doesn’t want…lots of attention!

Self Defense tip three: scratch the eyes. Kick the mangoes. Bite. Do not go quietly into that dark night. An attacker is not just lustful, he is depraved and more than likely into dominance and torture. So when a bad guy grabs you, let him know that you won’t go down, and you are going to leave your mark on him! Leaving a mark on him is good stuff, because it makes it easy to convict the perps.

Self Defense tip four: this may seem a bit contrary to the last tip, but bide your time. Yes, I know I just said fight, but this is a judgment call. Yes, struggle and fight, but, consider the situation and then consider whether you should bide your time, act compliant, get your attacker to ease up long enough for you to…struggle, fight, bite, scratch and scream!

Self Defense tip five: this is the big one…learn some martial arts. Get in shape. Learn how to protect yourself.

Look, a self defense class is fun! And you learn stuff! And you are going to feel better for being in good shape. And…you will cultivate the calm mind and clear thinking that might just get you through a lady’s worst nightmare!

The point here is this…you can’t depend on others to protect you. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, a cop arrives AFTER the crime. So it is up to you to protect yourself. So start with a fun self defense class at the Y, then go to a regular martial arts school and pick up some Karate or Kung Fu or Taekwondo.

Heck, one of the best things you can do is order a martial arts course online. You can see what it is about, do a little working out on your own, and be that much better educated when you go looking for a good self defense class, or martial arts school.

Honestly, there is NO reason ANY woman should ever have to suffer the degradation and terrible effects of rape.

Here is a great article on Self Defense when being carjacked. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that Monster Martial Arts has a fantastic course on how to handle martial arts weapons.