The Why Behind Indian Stealth Skills

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Why I Wrote About Martial Arts and Indian Stealth Skills!

Happy Friday!
Time for a great weekend!
Time to work out!

I finished a five part series
on Indians and their stealth techniques.
I thought you might be interested
in why I wrote that series.
Not much martial arts in this newsletter,
but an interesting story.

Members of my family lived in Arizona
last century,
during the time of Geronimo.
One summer Geronimo went on the warpath.
White people left their ranches,
headed for town,
and waited for the military to come.

On my family’s ranch
there were two hands.
These fellows were named,
and you will chuckle when you understand the relevance of this,
‘Red’ and ‘Baldy.’
Red had a full head of hair,
Baldy had only a bit of hair.

One night the family heard the Indians in the distance.
They decided to turn out the lights,
and travel to town the next day.
Red and Baldy,
minimum wage workers,
decided the heck with that,
‘We’re gettin’ out of here now!’
and the heck with the family,
which included a couple of young girls.

So the family put out the lanterns,
and acted like the ranch was deserted.
Red and Baldy saddled and skedaddled.

All through the night the family huddled in fear,
listening to the sounds of marauding Indians.
they survived,
and the next day they got in the wagon
and headed for town.

Who should they find,
just a couple of miles down the road,
but Red and Baldy.
Red was no longer red,
and Baldy was much more bald.

it was being told this story,
as a young child,
that encouraged me to write the series on Indian stealth.
and the fact that the Indian warrior truly was
the finest light infantry and light cavalry
in the entire world.

If you want to be the best,
learn from the best,
so I’ve always had an eye and ear on American Indians,
and especially the Apaches.

You can find five articles for Indian skills here…

The word Apache,
means ‘enemy.’

The word was apparently coined
by a neighboring Indian tribe and stuck.

Apaches used weapons,
and here’s the Matrix way of using weapons.

Monkey Boxing is going Great!
Try it!

and have a great work out!


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