Identifying the Bad Guys…

Who are the Bad Guys?

Got a couple of things to cover this issue.

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I was thinking the other day,
how do you tell the good guys from the bad guys?
It’s easy to say stay away from bad guys,
but how do you tell who is a bad guy,
and who is not?

When I was in high school
I was studying world history,
the teacher said that Hitler attacked every country.
He went to Poland, then continued attacking countries
in a circle, until he got to Russia.
He just attacked everybody.
when he started losing,
he attacked his own people,
blaming the German people for being too weak.

So my criteria for identifying bad guys is
looking for the guys who attack people.

Obviously, you can have differences of opinion,
even big, old arguments,
but when an actual attack occurs,
there’s the fellow you should look at,
he might have just made a bad decision,
but he might also just be a Bad Guy.

you can further identify a bad guy
by the magnitude of his attack…
does he bring a gun to a fist fight?

you can further identify a bad guy
by how many people he attacks.
Does he pick fights with lots of other people?

a very important element,
does he attack people who are smaller than him?

What gets interesting is something like
the weigh in at UFC.
There is trash talk,
good to generate audiences.
Then one of the guys slaps the other guy,
or some other action.
Oops. Bad guy.

There are also all sorts of key phrases that identify bad guys.
For instance:

‘That guy studies at a McDojo.’

‘If it doesn’t work in the ring it isn’t a real art.’

I know I’ve stepped on some toes here,
and there is a lot of room for opposing opinions,
shadings of some of the things I’ve said,
and so on.

Just because a guy says one thing,
or does one thing,
doesn’t paint him forever.
Guy might have just had a brain fart.

But you can generally identify bad guy remarks because
they have one common factor:
opinion over facts.

Think about it,
find fault,
think about your politicians…
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One response to “Identifying the Bad Guys…

  1. Just a heads-up…

    Poland was committing atrocities against the German population held by Poland after the Travesty of Versailles. Prior to the eventual outbreak of War, Germany had repeatedly attempted diplomacy with Poland. However, Poland had been given a guarantee of defense by Britain, France, and FDR, which emboldened them to further provoke the German Nation. After the Polish had violated the German border, Germany finally said “Enough is Enough!” The German Military advanced, and saved the remaining German civilian population from the barbarism of Polish abuse.

    The guarantee was intended to give Britain and France the pretext for declaring war, solely against Germany. Had it been sincere, both Britain and France would have declared war against Soviet Russia, after they invaded Poland, while the guarantee was still in effect.

    As for Germany attacking in circles, until they got to Russia, there was solid intelligence, and sound precedent, for the Germans to believe that the former policy of encirclement, from the First World War, was intended to be used against them, again. The British and French fully intended to utilize “neutral” Belgium and “neutral” Holland as staging grounds, and resource depots, for a second encirclement of Germany. Meanwhile, Russia was making phony Peace Treaties with a laundry-list of nations between Russia and Germany.

    As for attacking Russia, Russia was fully prepared for War against Germany, before Operation Barbarossa. The German preempting of the Russian Hoards, and their massing of more than 10,000 airplanes, 20,000 tanks, tens of thousands of artillery pieces, and more goodies, provided by “neutral” America, just imagine the horrors that had been visited upon Russia proper, expanded to the rest of Europe.

    Germany “Attacking in circles” was nothing more than preemptive self-defense. Given the Hell that Germany had been through over the previous 20+ years (the hunger blockade of 1918-1919, the default of reparation payments in 1923, the French invasion of the Ruhr Region in the same year, the sickening hyperinflation of the German currency, the continual agitation for a communist overthrow of the admittedly clownish Weimar freak show, and the constant agitation for war against Hitler and the German People since 1933), they can’t be faulted for defending themselves.

    To understand the scope of the issue,

    Stalin’s War


    Sean McMeekin

    will highlight the dearth of the evidence for the claim of German War-mongering, and the glut of evidence in favor of the claim of Soviet aggression.

    All that said, I’m in full agreement with you, in regards to identifying the Bad Guys. We just need to be sure we have all the facts, when assessing who the Bad Guys are.

    P. S. I do enjoy your writings, usually. I’m honestly considering subscribing to your newsletter, barring any similar future cock-ups.

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