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Kenpo Geometry Applied to Karate

Martial Arts Geometry!

My initial thoughts on the martial arts,
the stuff that led me through to matrixing
was all geometric.

For instance,
way back in Kenpo I realized
the body has two halves.
A line right down the center,
with each side approximating the other.
Easy peasy.
This led me to one of my first questions.
Why didn’t the techniques I was learning
work on both sides of the body.

I was doing Kenpo,
and the fellow would attack with the right hand
and I might use a right handed defense
but if he attacked with the exact, same hand
in the same manner,
the mirror of my defense
the left handed version,
wouldn’t work.
That frustrated me.
Why didn’t Ed design the techniques
so they worked on both sides?

is what I call a ‘universal technique.’

This led me to simplify techniques
and focus on the basics.
Kenpo-ists thought it was sacrilege,
but it made me rethink everything
in a more traditional and classical karate mode.

In other words,
Ed was moving away from the classical,
and I was simplifying
and reverse engineering
to get back to the classical.

This was probably one of the reasons
I found the classical to be such a breath of fresh air
when I finally moved over to it.

It makes no sense to memorize 200 techniques
for the right hand
(opening the opponent)
and 200 techniques for the left hand
(closing the technique).

How are you going to remember which of 400 techniques
to use for two sides of the body?
Why not just use a small number of techniques
that worked no matter if you were opening the opponent,
or closing him?

Mind you,
I didn’t discount or neglect my learning in Kenpo
when I switched to the classical.
There were things I learned in Kenpo
that made my studies easier.
There were things I knew
that my fellow classical students didn’t know.
Which is why I tell people
you can’t learn just one martial art
and think you know the martial arts.

If a guy has a black belt in one art,
he is an expert in one range,
or one geometry of the art.
He is, for instance,
a black belt in Kenpo,
but not the martial arts.
If a guy has black belts in several martial arts,
then he could call himself a black belt of all martial arts.

This is why I tell people
a couple of times a year
to pick up a new art.
I do it at Xmas.
I do it when the season changes.
I especially do it when summer is here.
People have more time during the summer.
The days are longer,
the mind set changes in a subtle manner.

You will find the results of my initial research
in the books

How to Fix Karate (Volume One)

How to Fix Karate (Volume Two)

Just make sure you get the versions of these books
with over 5 hours of video links.

How to Fix Karate will fix your martial art,
show the simpler and more universal methods I developed,
some of which were realized only because I knew Kenpo,
or other martial arts.
if you only know one martial art,
this might be the second one.

Have a great work out!


And thanks to everybody who picked up my book,

Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Real Self Defense!

Don’t forget to give me five stars.
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How to Fix Karate:
A Karate Training and Workout Book
(Two Volumes)

New book on Nine Square Boxing!

New Book on Nine Square Diagram Boxing!

What a beautiful day!
For me, what mades it so is the one form I do.
I start off the day with this form,
and I end the day with this form.

Oh, I still do Sanchin (including Seisan)
and my matrix forms,
but the one form that geets my full intention
day after day,
is in my new book

Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Real Self Defense!

In this book I get rid of ALL the mystical bushwah,
and I focus on the dozen postures.
The moves that actually work, and can be used in freestyle.

The form is done on the nine square pattern,
it is short,
and I do it with closed eyes.
This aids in visualization
and really starts the energy flowing.

There are about 30 techniques taken directly from this form,
and I have a section on Lop Sau,
which helps understand how the moves can be translated from
the perfection of form
to the discipline of application
to the chaos of freestyle.

The book is 108 pages,
has included some matrixing theories,
I do it every day.
Rain or shine.
I do it slowly,
Tai Chi style,

And it is the only form in the art of
Nine Square Diagram Boxing!

check it out…

Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Real Self Defense!

And have a GREAT work out!


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‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ has 12 ratings for 5 stars.
(There is a video version of this book with no stars yet)
My two yoga books have 9 ratings between them for 5 stars.
‘The Book of Five Arts’ has 8 ratings for 5 stars.
‘The Science of Government’ has 7 ratings for 5 stars.
‘Chiang Nan’ has 6 ratings for 5 stars.
My novel, ‘Monkeyland,’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars

That’s a lot of good ratings
so hopefully you’ll find the book that works for you.

How to Fix Karate:
A Karate Training and Workout Book
(Two Volumes)

The Curse of the Closed Combat System

When Did Karate Fail!

It’s a very common opinion, these days, that karate doesn’t work.
In this article I will tell you why it doesn’t work, and when it stopped working, which may help you make it start working again.
Mind you, there are other reasons than what I detail here, but the reasons I detail here are probably the most important reasons, specifically, the reason which was put in place by the founders of karate. A deliberate but unintended consequence of a very bad decision.

The King (emperor) of Okinawa was commanded by the emperor of Japan to live in Japan. This was a political expedience.
The problem was the Okinawan bodyguards suddenly lost their jobs.
They became wood cutters, dock workers, school teachers, and so on.
Did they stop their training in karate? Probably not. As any student of the art knows, it is the monkey on the back, a joy that is almost impossible to give up. It would not be given up easily.
Thus, the art was taught at the homes of the bodyguards, and the students were probably tough kids, or kids that wanted to be tough.
It wouldn’t have died out, and it would have remained fairly pure. But purity, as this article presents, can be a myth.

About 1900 Gichin Funakoshi had a bright idea: let’s teach karate to the school children!
Karate made small bodies strong.
Karate instilled discipline.
Let’s not, however, teach little Johnny how to rip somebody’s throat out over lunch money.
Thus, the great dumbing down was begun.
There was, however, something worse that was happening.

Karate is a CCS. A Closed Combat System. This means it is a set number of techniques, and development through the inspection of other practices is discouraged.
Karate actually became a CCS years earlier when the system was codified into forms.
Forms make it easier to teach. Forms make it easier to remember the random but physically similar techniques.
Forms doubtless caused a surge in ability as it focused training, and lifted up the lesser students.
And there was a wonderful mindset created through Karate. A zen mindset that made a superior human being.

Up until that time Karate had been, to coin a phrase, an OCS. An Open Combat System. They took techniques wherever they could find them. Trips to China, shipwrecked sailors, talking with some friendly fellow in a bar, and ending up in an alley testing out these ‘extra’ techniques.
Now it was a Closed Combat System, a system which refused data from other sources, and the children were being deliberately dumbed down, and that was the one two punch that sealed Karate’s demise.

It didn’t happen suddenly. In fact, as the art spread new blood kept it alive and quite deadly.
But, eventually, it was no longer the province of the ‘tough guy’ who wanted to be tougher and who was willing to suffer the bruises and blood and a few lost teeth of those early practices.
Then it became sold.

One could accuse Gichin Funakoshi as the first person to commercialize Karate. After all, he sold it to the school system.
But when the Americans, with their capitalistic greed (hey! I’m just sayin’!) the game was all over.
McDojos sprouted in the strip malls of America.
Forms were put aside for kid’s games so the parent’s could be kept happy. Which was, is, probably the cruelest trap of all. I want my child to defend himself, but if he gets a single bruise I’ll sue you!

Nowadays it is difficult to find a real version of Karate.
Oh, it is out there, altered, pushed by the fanatic who doesn’t give a golden tu_d if you get a bruise.
But mostly you will find…MMA.
Hey, advertising. And the Gracie Brother’s creation of the UFC is the greatest advertising ploy since Bruce Lee.
We’ve had 30 years of advertising with the big buck tournaments. It has replaced boxing to a great extent. And it’s made some people rich.
Sometimes good, often bad.

Want to know how to tell when an art has gone CCS and has started to die? If not in the physical working then in the virtuous mental attitudes? The Virtue that used to be the coin developed by years of intense and unwavering training in the Martial Arts?
It is…My Art is better than yours.
I saw this happen when Karate, was in its heyday, spreading through the US and the world like wildfire.
Suddenly other arts came along, and to get students instructors would wink about another art or school and imply, or say it outright, ‘My art is better.’
And it fed the ego of the student.

Now it is happening in MMA. Not a week goes by when I don’t see some ego driven, bully boy type of child say, If it doesn’t work in the ring then it doesn’t work!
Which certainly explains why, when SEALs go to work they always end up on the ground, wrestling around and looking for arm bars.

MMA is not an art. It is a sport. An art self improves, a sport attempts to prevail over another human being. And the truth is that you don’t become better by making someone worse. That is the bully lie that has infected many MMA teachings.
That is not to say there isn’t art to some of the techniques.
But it doesn’t matter because as long as the bullies can beat up the karate man, and people of other disciplines, the lie will be accepted as the truth.
It is not MMA. It is MMS. Mixed Martial Sport.

Mind you, I am not attacking the art of Jujitsu, or other MMA based arts. Effectiveness is to be appreciated and studied. And to the extent that it becomes art i love it. But I am pointing out certain attitudes and how some misguided people degrade the art.
And, hopefully, this will create an understanding that will improve the arts on all fronts. Don’t degrade other arts, make yourself better by making others better.

Don’t like what I’m saying? Then change your sport. Or, better, change your mind.
But the truth is that when a system becomes CCS, when data is refused to be inputted, either because of commercial interests, or children running around screaming ‘My Art is Best!’, then that art has gone over the cliff and is heading for the spiked rocks below.

Really don’t like what I’m saying? Order a course in Matrixing, open your art up and accept the superiority of a true OCS…the ultimate OCS. A system that doesn’t take from all in random bits and pieces, trying to be OCS but only marginally succeeding, but rather aligns all the data so you can make the right choices…in combat, or in life.

About the author: Al Case has been studying the martial arts since 1967. He wrote articles and had his own column in Inside Karate magazine. He has written over forty books on the martial arts, including ‘How to Fix Karate,’ which is a two volume, 400 page book going into and fixing every move from the most important eight forms of Karate. It includes FIVE HOURS of video instruction.

And have a great work out!

Don’t forget to check out the interview

How to Fix Karate! (volumes one and two)

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And volume two is at…

‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ has 11 ratings for 5 stars.
(There is a video version of this book with no stars yet)
My two yoga books have 9 ratings between them for 5 stars.
‘The Book of Five Arts’ has 7 ratings for 5 stars.
‘The Science of Government’ has 6 ratings for 5 stars.
‘Chiang Nan’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars.
My novel, ‘Monkeyland,’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars

That’s a lot of good ratings
so hopefully you’ll find that useful
find the book/course that is right for you,
and matrix your own martial arts.

Good Martial Arts Done Easy!

A Simple Martial Art Work Out!

A Funtastic day for doing your forms!
No bull!

Before we get going
it’s a BOGO month!
Buy One and Get One (free)
So head over to the Monster and pick an art.
Buy the art,
then email me at aganzul@gmail.com,
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let’s go…

These are crazy times we live in.
People rioting in the streets,
mass murders,
criminals being encouraged by the courts
to rob, pillage, steal…
and worse.
Even the cops go crazy some times!

There never has been a time
when you needed martial arts more.
if you’ve read my book on
‘The Science of Government,’
you know where this society is going,
and you need to learn all you can,
practice to make it work,
and stay away from crazy people.

what do I recommend?

if you’re hard core
and are going to do the martial arts
for the rest of your life,
you don’t need this advise.
You understand that you should study everything,
select what uniquely works for you,
and create your own method of self defense,
and that you should practice
for hours and hours
every single day.

there are a lot of people
\who aren’t interested in that immersion.
For them,
I recommend a basic course in Karate.

build your muscles with body calisthenics.
Weights are good,
but body weight calisthenics are better.
You can argue with that at your leisure.

spend some time stretching.
Yoga is recommended.

get a bag and work on it.
A lot.
You need to feel the weight
when you punch.

Learn a few forms
and practice them.

learn Sanchin.
But not the way it is commonly taught.
I talk about this in some of my books,
‘How to Fix Karate.’
Learn Sanchin,
but change the basic blocking move
that is repeated through the form
into a slap and a grab.

The slap/grab is more efficient,
as it is more efficient
to simply slap something aside,
then grab it.

It is intuitive,
and it reveals a basic weakness
that has been instilled into Karate.

Karate was developed by a woman.
Do you think she bashed forearms endlessly?
Or did she practice slipping and slapping,
and getting out of the way?

But for hundreds of years we guys
have been obsessed with bashing our arms.

Oh, I don’t disbelieve in blocking methods.
I think they are necessary,
so learn to block,
but focus on the slap grab method.

It’s in
‘How to Fix Karate’
if you want to see it,
and there are lots of hours of video
through links in the books.

But to continue…

Get a few friends
and go over the applications
until they are second nature.

work on your freestyle.
When you can apply the techniques of the forms
during freestyle,
then you have mastered karate.

And that’s about it.
You don’t have to kill yourself,
although the more dedicated amongst us
are encouraged to do so.
You just have to set aside an hour every day
and be serious.

Here’s the link to the book with videos…


Make sure you get both volumes,
it’s a big, hefty piece of work!

Have a great work out!

Remember to vote for Angelo!

Don’t forget to check out the interview

How to Fix Karate! (volumes one and two)

volume one is at

And volume two is at…

‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ has 11 ratings for 5 stars.
(There is a video version of this book with no stars yet)
My two yoga books have 9 ratings between them for 5 stars.
‘The Book of Five Arts’ has 7 ratings for 5 stars.
‘The Science of Government’ has 6 ratings for 5 stars.
‘Chiang Nan’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars.
My novel, ‘Monkeyland,’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars

That’s a lot of good ratings
so hopefully you’ll find that useful
find the book/course that is right for you,
and matrix your own martial arts.

The Muscle that Isn’t!

Newsletter 1015

Here’s a good question for you…

Happy afternoon!
I hope you guys are all eating ribs off the barbie, eh?
Oh, wait,
this isn’t the cooking channel…

what is the one moving body part?
That’s an easy one.
The muscles.
They are the only body part that actually moves.
The kidney doesn’t move,
it just goes on for the ride.
The brain doesn’t move,
it just sits in the skull and imitates a rock.
So the muscles move.
So here’s some stuff to think about.

A muscle is a motor.
The matrix definitiion of a motor…
‘A motor is two poles between which there is tension.’
Push or pull, doesn’t matter.

all muscles should work together,
so when you move a lot of motors (muscles) make motion.

the individual muscle is a motor in that it has two ends (poles)
and there is pull between those two points.

Muscles can make a motor against other muscles.

here’s the weird one,
there is in your body something I have decided to call…
‘tacking muscles.’
I don’t know exactly how to define this term.
It comes from the process of ‘tacking,’
which is when you shift the sails of a boat
so the boat can sail against the wind.
Have you ever thought about how weird that is?
But it’s ingenious.

when you stretch,
when you reach up for the sky
what muscles are contracting
to make you longer?
Those are the tacking muscles.

I’ll be honest,
after much thought,
I don’t think I can define what muscles actually cause
this ‘tacking’ of the body.

this is one of those weird questions
I can’t really wrap my head around.
I have stood and stretched,
especially in yoga,
and asked myself what muscle is doing what.
I have the weird idea
that if I can figure this out
it will make me a better martial artist.

Maybe one of you guys out there
can enlighten me,
or at least be as confused as me.

the muscles are important,
I see people get old,
and they are always ‘out of muscle.’
They have ignored the one moving body part.
They talk about the right food,
but they never look at the one moving body part
that makes EVERY other part of the body healthy.

Motion massages the innards,
there are trigger points
that are activated by muscle motion,
and so on.

The martial arts are one of the few activities
that enhance every muscle in the body.
Yoga is good,
gymnastics are good,
but martial arts are…FUN!

Now if i could only figure out where the tracking muscles are.

obligatory advertisement coming up…

Check out
‘Evolution of an Art.’
It is three arts,
that’s three different viewpoints
of all the muscles in the body.
Here’s the link…

3a Evolution of a Martial Art

have a great work out,
and build up your appetite for that old barbie.


Thanks to those guys who volunteered to read and review my novel…

HanaKwanMass Martial Arts!

This is the ultimate Martial Arts course

It is that time of year again,
some old guy breaks into your house
and leaves a bunch of stuff.
And you’re supposed to leave him a cookie.

I know how to celebrate Christmas,
first off,
you call it HanaKwanMass!
Doesn’t matter what holiday somebody celebrates,
you’ve got him covered,
and you’ve managed to offend everybody at once!

Second off,
a telling of the traditional
Monster Martial Arts Christmas Poem,
which you will find at the end of this short epistle.

a big thank you to all who have purchased
The Nine Square Diagram Boxing course.
A lot of people asked for these videos,
here’s a win from one of them.

Dear Mr. Case,
The Nine Square Boxing (hard and soft)and two bonuses downloaded without any problems.

Watched some of the course last night. Started with the Q & A (glad you did that). After the Q & A I went through the first 5 segments of Part One. Plan on watching more today.

It’s been taking me a while to appreciate the nine square pattern. I’ve had the Shaolin Butterfly dvd since March and the Nine Squares paper book since July, but last night it finally sunk in while I watched the first five segments of Part One. I’ve have always preferred the simple 4 or 8 step basic kata (+ pattern) and drilling just one or two things, but I like the direction changes in the nine square more. I have a new favorite with the nine square.
Don H

Thanks Don.

you know, just to let you guys know,
wins are what really keep me going.
Life gets tough,
I feel out of sorts,
and I just open up the 600 or so pages of wins
and read a few.
Takes me right to the top
re-enforces my purpose,
makes life worth living.
such a simple thing,
yet so important to me.

That said, here’s the link

And, there is actually a new release.
I’ve actually been working on this for a while,
and the release has given me an immense amount of satisfaction.
Here’s the link…

The Book of Neutronics

The book of Neutronics is the books I’ve written on Neutronics.

Five books, usually costing $50,
but this collection in one volume is only $20.

It includes
The Neutronic Viewpoint
The 24 Principles
Outside the Tube

That is a massive amount of information.
About 300 pages worth.
And it is all about what is actually behind the martial arts.
It is the science behind the science.

And, an advice,
don’t bother getting it if you don’t like to read and think.
if you are ready to understand the mysteries,
the mysticism,
the real reasons behind the martial arts…
this is it.

that is about it.

You guys and gals have a great and wonderful HanaKanMass,
and a great work out, too!



Twas the night before Christmas
I was in my shack
primed and ready
for the red fat attack.

my weapons were loaded
the windows were barred
all would be safe
while I was on guard

The chimney was decked
with concertina wire
I crouched by the couch
ready to fire.

I had an M60
with ammo to feed
I didn’t care
if the red fat did bleed.

A loaded shotgun
and grenades to spare
when red fat came down
I’d blow him out of there.

Throwing stars and knives
and a really long sword
and if that didn’t work
I knew a bad word.

Sitting there late
my eyes started to close
when suddenly I heard
a bunch of ho hos.

Off with the lights
safety off, too
I  watched the fire close
and heard a sound from the flu.

‘Ouch and gosh darn it
who put the wire here
those are my undies
starting to tear!’

Then a shower of soot
and a grunt and a groan
he landed in the fire
and gave out a moan.

He was rubbing the place
where the wire did tear
so I held down the trigger
and lead filled the air.

belt after belt
did I deal the red fat
he danced and he jumped
I knew he felt that!

then quicker than spit
I ran out of lead
but enough was enough
he had to be dead.

Boy was I shocked
to see him stand tall
stepping out of the fireplace
not bothered at all.

So I grabbed up the 16
to mow him down
he had to be hurting
cause I saw his big frown.

Then I was empty
and he came straight for me
I pulled out my knives
and sliced him with glee

He jumped to the side
moving real quick
disarmed my knives
with a well placed kick

then he dropped the big bag
he had on his shoulder
reached forth his arms
and his anger did smolder

He grabbed hard my neck
and held me up high
I tried kicks and punches
but I was like a fly

Not karate nor judo
no art did work
and he grinned a mean grin
and called me a jerk

‘Don’t you know
you stupid little man
Christmas is forever
in spite of your plan.’

Then he threw me aside
and proceeded to work
giving presents to all
and to me a great smirk

And when he left
the great big red fat
he left me a lump of coal
the big red fat rat!

HanaKwanMass to you and yours forever!

How to Make Karate into Tai Chi Chuan!

Newsletter 924

About the New Karate to Tai Chi Book!

Hi Guys and Gals.

This is to announce the official release of
‘Chiang Nan’

Chiang Nan is the title I settled on, the working title is
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan.’
So Chiang Nan,
or ‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan
was originally bundled into the course.
You can get it in PDF if you order the course.

I just published the official book
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan,’
and it is available on Amazon.
The official title is…

‘Chiang Nan’

and here’s the link…


And for those who don’t know what it is about…
As the subtitle says,
it teaches one how to make karate into tai chi chuan.

If you have been studying karate,
this will expand your concepts of karate by ten times.
Different way of looking at form applications.
Different way of doing the form.
Really opens the mind.

If you have been studying Tai Chi Chuan,
you will learn a lot about techniques,
doing other arts tai chi style,
and so on.

it’s a different kind of strength,
different energy,
a whole and complete education.
If you know just the hard arts,
you need to know the soft.
or you only have half an art.

If you know just the soft arts,
you need to know the hard,
or you only have half an art.

This is a 270 page book
(three in one, actually)
that covers how to translate karate into tai chi,
what the lost form,
the original form that karate came from,
might look,
and the secret techniques of karate…
deliberately hidden by the secret pact
made by Okinawan karate masters.

So check it out on Amazon,
or just get the PDF by ordering the course through

Have a great work out!


A True Martial Arts Secret

Newsletter 921

The Martial Art Secret that will Bug You!

I read this other day,
realized it was profound,
that it would bug the stuff out of people
if they knew it.
wanting to bug everybody,
I decided to tell you.
Just remember one thing,
when you’re thinking this over,
in the next few decades,
when you remember it and scrunch up your nose
and lower your brow anew…
it came from …


Got it?
here it is.
A profound stupid item that will,
once you’ve had time to think about it,
get under your skin.

There are three types of people.

Winners make their dreams work
Losers have given up on their dreams
the vast bulk of people…

dreamers walk around dreaming of everything they don’t have…
and never do anything about it.

That’s it.

some of you are going to read this
and profound changes will occur.
You will start doing things differently.
But you were already winners.

Losers probably will never read this,
they’ve already given up,
even if they read it
it would have no impact.

Then there’s…you.

Make a list of the things you dreamed about.
What you wanted to be in life,
what you wanted to accomplish.
Did you do it?
Did you?
Can you change right now?
Interesting question.

There was a congressman
~ this is a true story ~
he spent 30 years in office,
and on the day he left
he was going through his desk
and he found a sheet of paper,
stuck in the back of the drawer,
crumpled up under the weight
of thousands of things shoved in after it.
He unfolded the paper
and saw it was a list of things
he planned to accomplish when in office.
He had written it his first day in office,
stuck it in the drawer,
and here it was,
30 years later,
and he had not accomplished
a single thing on the list.

30 years of votes and elections,
30 years of meeting with leaders,
30 years of being in charge,
and he was a dreamer.
And that’s all.

I’m a martial artist,
I dreamed,
and I became my dreams.
I did this
in spite of the people who said ‘no.’
believe me,
there were plenty of people who offered discouragement.

You’re a martial artist,
or you wouldn’t be reading this.
So here’s the question:

Are you a winner, a loser, or a dreamer?

Are you going to study for a few years,
then quit,
get married and do what you’re told,
let kids take you out of the game,
let a career get in the way?

If you do that then,
in 30 or 40 years
you are going to open that closet,
see the fresh pressed uniform hanging there,
but there won’t be any multi-tipped black belt
looped over the hanger.
You’ll be face to face
with dreams that never happened.
You settled for a life of dreaming,
and even though you fell into a 9 to 5,
worked hard and were faithful,
you’re just a dreamer.

I’ll tell you,
you see that empty uniform
gathering dust and moths
and you’re going to remember this
and it is going to bug the stuff out of you.
All you could have been,
all you could have done,
in an empty uniform.

Or you could do something about it,
get started right now,
and do something.
Write a path,
and force yourself to stick to it
until the dream becomes reality.


Have a great work out!



The Real Reason Karate Is No Good!

Newsletter 919

Karate is No Good!

Here’s a beaut for you.
Freakin’ unbelievable.
I had a student come in the other day,
a young kid, and he says:
‘My cousins say my karate is no good.
They say that if you don’t use it in the ring its not a martial art.’

So what I had been doing for the last 50 years was no good.
I’m glad somebody finally told me.
Here I thought I was doing okay.

So I asked him if his cousins studied martial arts.
He said, ‘No.’
I asked him if they had ever studied any martial arts.
He said, ‘No.’
I asked him if he really cared about the opinions of people who didn’t know anything…he laughed and said…’No.’

And the point here is that these two bozos
had watched lots of MMA,
followed the UFC rabidly.
But they had never put on the gloves,
stepped on the mat,
even tried something as simple as a punch.

But they thought they knew everything.

You know,
most MMA guys have a history of classical martial arts.
And they don’t come out and say the martial arts are no good.
they take what they can,
move on to what they want to do,
and don’t bother bad mouthing anything.

karate has some great self-defense,
kung fu has some great strength building exercises,
aikido has some great sensitivity drills,
ta chi chuan has some great rehabilitative qualities,
and so on and so on.

So nobody has to feel bad
just because two VERY IGNORANT bozos
spout their opinion at the drop of their very light hats.

This is the course I taught write before matrixing.
Combined two arts,
shortened and streamlined forms,
the best applications of both arts,
and very hard core.


Have a great work out!