The Birth of Matrix Martial Arts

Where Matrix Martial Arts Began!

Oinkey donkey, I gots a new martial arts website. Well, okay, it’s an old one, but I remade it with modern technology, and I get to…blog! Yeah, that was something that was missing from the old Monster Martial Arts. And what should the subject of my first blog be?

How to Matrix.

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Now, in a nutshell, matrixing is merely to organize. That is all. And, in the martial arts, the mountain just fell on Mohammad.

You see, the martial arts are nothing but messed up organization.

Consider, when you learn a system, like Karate or kung fu or whatever, the system is a ‘put together.’ It is the culmination of the techniques somebody has encountered during his lifetime.

This is okay, until you consider that the fellow who put the system together hasn’t experienced all the martial arts out there. He might have two or three systems (viewpoints or ‘slices’ of the whole martial arts), chooses his techniques, usually making the system top heavy, and teaches it.

That’s like saying count to ten, and giving the student the numbers: 3, G, Z, 7, 1, elephant and watermelon.

He’s not going to make it to ten!

But, man being the cleverest of all species, will tie what he knows together with some concept, and sell the concept, and the world rejoices. Especially if he is good at beating people up.

Not at teaching, but at beating people up.

That’s where Matrixing comes in.

When I took my first Kenpo classes, back in 1967, the instructor gave me four blocks. Low, Hi, Middle Outward, and Middle Inward. “See,” he said, “You can protect yourself in four directions, up, down and side to side.”

And he was right, and it was logical, and…that was the end of the matrixed approach.

After that I learned movements where I raked the forearms paralyzing the radial nerve, and I crossed his wrists to twine my opponent, and movements where I ‘sculpted’ his body, all while pretending he wasn’t moving.

Where was the logic in that?

And don’t get the idea that I am picking on Kenpo. Kenpo is a great art. And so is Karate and Aikido and Kung Fu, and…and they all suffer from the same problem: they are put togethers. Conglomerations of techniques loosely tied together by concept.

So, let me ask you. What are the eight blocks of Karate. And I mean ALL the blocks of Karate. And I mean the ONLY blocks of Karate?

And, why are they the ALL and the ONLY in Karate? What actual physical geometry makes them the all and the only? And, what is the actual body structure that they are based upon, and if they aren’t based upon it, they won’t work?

And this is a simple question, and it is handled and answered, with scientific accuracy and total competence, in the first chapters of Matrix Karate.

And then it gets wild. Because the logic I preach, this matrixing, this organization of martial arts, goes through ALL the martial arts, organizing them piece by piece.Karate through Kung Fu through Aikido, how to be an instructor, through Kung Fus from Shaolin to Tai Chi. And Weapons.And Chi power.

This is the first time in history this has been done. A complete and logical scientific assessment of the martial arts.

And the results of studying it are amazing.

People become logical, and then…intuitive.

People become fast and powerful, and they do it quickly.

Not in decades, but in months. Even weeks, if they have already done their homework and just need the correct data to tie their arts together.

And that’s what Matrixing is, and what it does.

So if what I’ve said makes sense, if you want to change yourself, make yourself calm and logical, and then totally intuitive…if you want to master the martial arts, not the pieces called the individual arts, but the whole thing, then check out Matrix Karate.

I’ve made it inexpensive, the price of a hamburger and a movie with popcorn, so anybody can afford it. So, check it out.

This has been a page about Matrixing the Martial Arts.

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